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The Research Council of Norway is a national strategic body and funding agency for research and innovation activities. RCN covers all fields of research and innovation and works together with research institutions, as well as the private and public sectors to reach the national financial goals and quality targets set in this area. The Research Council has some 400 employees. RCN plays a vital role in developing and implementing the country’s national research strategy. It acts as 1) a government advisory body, identifying present and future needs for knowledge and research, and recommending national priorities; 2) a funding agency for research programmes and independent projects, strategic programmes at research institutions, and Norwegian participation in international research activities; 3) a coordinator, initiating networks and promoting co-operation between research institutions, ministries, business and industry, public agencies and enterprises, other sources of funding, and users of research. RCN is a member of several international organisations, programmes and institutes and takes active part in international collaboration, and cooperates with similar funding organisations globally. RCN carries the national responsibility for the management of EU framework programmes for research and technological development. On behalf of the Government of Norway, RCN is the coordinator of JPI Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans, and responsible for the management of all activities related to this as well as for the national coordination of matters related to JPI Oceans.

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