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Ecological aspects of deep-sea mining

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Ecological Aspects of Microplastics


Periodic Report microplastics projects

The periodic reports of the four microplasics projects funded within the framework of JPI Oceans have been delivered to the funding partners and JPI Oceans secretariat. The executive summaries of the reports can be downloaded below

European Marine Sensors Calibration Network


Preparatory Meeting on European Marine Calibration Network

In this preparatory meeting, the participants agreed that the first main step should be to hold a meeting alongside “Sea Tech Week” in Brest, France, with the involvement of the most important stakeholders (research community, National Metrology Institutes (NMIs), industry).  

2nd Meeting on the EMSCN (October 13 2016, Brest)

Basic outcomes: Regarding oceanographic data/measurements, although a few recognized standards are in place, no certified reference material is available. As a result, the oceanographers face great difficulties when it comes to ensuring reliable data acquisition, with inevitable consequences on the quality of the research they conduct. Therefore, one of the thrusts for this action is to ensure manufacturers follow a standard calibration procedure to ensure quality assurance and quality control of the products delivered to the field – a process that could follow the form of a certification procedure. To this end, the National Metrology Institutes can contribute by helping the oceanographers and manufacturers to establish validated metrological procedures. Three factsheets and one white paper are currently composed soto define the next concrete steps of the action.

Intercalibration for EU Water Framework Directive

no progress

MarTERA: ERA-NET Cofund on Marine/Maritime Technologies

no progress

Multi use of infrastructure for monitoring

no progress

Munition in the sea


Review of End-users priorities

Due to the diversity and complexity of activity and stakeholders end-users priorities have been collected in order to facilitate the identification of relevant joint activities and the selection of the stakeholders to be involved.

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