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JPI Oceans workshop: Cumulative effects of human activities

Together with the lead countries, Estonia and The Netherlands, JPI Oceans is organising a workshop on cumulative effects assessment of human activities in Europe.

The aim of the workshop is drawing up a roadmap for JPI Oceans based on the following elements:

  1. Outline key activities at short, intermediate and long-term perspective;
  2. Initiate performing analysis on key gaps in the underlying scientific knowledge on “Cumulative effects of human activities”;
  3. Identify common tools and harmonized methods as a prerequisite for cross-regional cooperation;
  4. Start delineating a strategy for making “Cumulative effects of human activities” relevant within policy and management and identify legislative frameworks;
  5. Identify funding sources for joint activities.
The meeting will take place in the Stadskasteel Oudaen, Oudegracht 99, 3511 AE  Utrecht. 
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SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting

The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Europe organises its 27th Annual Meeting, dedicated to the study, analysis and solution of environmental problems, the management and regulation of natural resources.

SETAC Europe Brussels is a 5-day event featuring between 2,000 and 2,500 scientists, assessors, regulators and managers from academia, business and government.The overarching theme of the meeting is “environmental quality through transdisciplinary collaboration”.Partners from the JPI Oceans EPHEMARE project on the ecotoxicological effects of microplastics will be present at the event.

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European Maritime Day 2017

European Maritime Day is the annual meeting point for Europe’s maritime community to network, discuss and forge joint action. 

The EMD 2017 conference and exhibition will be held on 18-19 May 2017 in Poole. It will be followed by the Poole Maritime Festival (15-21 May 2017), dedicated to engaging the general public and celebrating Poole and Dorset's local maritime heritage and environment.

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UN Conference to Support Implementation of SDG 14

The conference will identify ways and means to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14; conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

The conference will: 

  • Build on existing successful partnerships and stimulate innovative and concrete new partnerships to advance the implementation of Goal 14;
  • Involve all relevant stakeholders, bringing together Governments, the United Nations system, other intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, academic institutions the scientific community, the private sector, philanthropic organizations and other actors to assess challenges and opportunities relating to, as well as actions taken towards, the implementation of Goal 14;
  • Share the experiences gained at the national, regional and international levels in the implementation of Goal 14

The Conference shall adopt by consensus a concise, focused, intergovernmentally agreed declaration in the form of a "Call for Action" to support the implementation of Goal 14 and a report containing the co-chairs' summaries of the partnership dialogues, as well as a list of voluntary commitments for the implementation of Goal 14, to be announced at the Conference.

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2nd JPI Oceans conference

The 2nd JPI Oceans conference, taking place in Lisbon, will present the first results of the actions and projects initiated under the framework of JPI Oceans and will provide an excellent opportunity for stakeholders from research and industry to network and discuss with policy makers from across Europe. 

Partners involved in the JPI Oceans joint actions will discuss the outcomes, opportunities and future outlooks of their activities. The event will further highlight the international cooperation of JPI Oceans beyond Europe and results of CSA Oceans 2, the Horizon 2020 Support Action aimed to support the JPI.
The conference will come two year after the first JPI Oceans conference held in Brussels in May 2015. 

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