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Foresight/forward looking activities are addressed as a fundamental "framework condition" in the Joint Programming Initiatives. It aims at identifying possible scenarios, challenges and solutions for the future.

JPI Oceans embedded  foresight from the start (Foresight for JPI Oceans - Definition and review of relevant processes), as a strategic level to inform the strategy-making process in JPI Oceans, i.e. to update the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, and on a thematic (A programmatic foresight process for JPI Oceans) level to support the implementation of concrete activities, where operational procedure as well as a governance model of how to make use foresight for the latter purpose, as a tool for the development and implementation of joint activities in JPI Oceans, are provided. The model has been developed and tested in the CSA Oceans project in the field of microplastics over the course of a foresight test run (Foresight exercise test run. Experiences from the field of microplastics).


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