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Back-casting foresight workshop


Back-casting foresight workshop

At the workshop, organised by the CSA Oceans 2 project in Brussels, new scenarios and possible scientific and technological pathways for marine and maritime challenges were discussed. 
The aim of the workshop was to extract new or emerging ideas which can stimulate reflections and inspire decisions of the Management Board of JPI Oceans. 
Three scenarios were selected:
  • Proteins from the Seas and Oceans: a future where the nutritional protein support from seafood to a global growing population is ensured.
  • Space-Ocean: a future where the sustainable use of the marine space is enabled for automated human activities.
  • Green-Blue Planet: a future where Seas and Oceans experience zero impact (pollution, CO2, noise etc.) from human activities. 
Participants were invited to discuss different visions, research gaps and impacts of actions or breakthrough innovation. Experts were identified from different sectors and initiatives, often not directly related to marine and maritime aspects. A fictional newspaper, ‘The Blue Observer’, publishing news on marine and maritime activities in 2038 was prepared to facilitate the debate between the participants  
Participants concluded that understanding the global eco-system, modeling of impacts and risks assessments for activities can be considered as enablers for the three scenarios but they cannot be limited to environmental aspects, requiring indeed the inclusion of emerging technologies, legislative and political contexts, human and economic factors. The “ocean challenge” has to be considered as a “planet challenge”, either for the impacts of oceans on the global environmental dynamics, or for the fact that most of the impacts on the ocean derive from activities on land. For this reason, the main message is that what is considered “at sea” has to be transformed within the concept “to, from and with the sea”, meaning that the land-sea interaction and the public-private cooperation are fundamental factors to be considered, and that an appropriate governance is required. This implies that the ocean challenge cannot be solved by addressing solely the marine sciences and maritime sectors. 
Presentations of the workshop can be found here: 

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