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Blue growth agenda for the Baltic Sea by the European Commission


Blue growth agenda for the Baltic Sea by the European Commission

The agenda aims at identifying areas which could be strengthened with the focus on blue growth.

The Blue growth agenda that was adopted by the European Commission Communication on 16 May 2014, provides a roadmap towards innovation and growth in the maritime area. Sustainability is an integral part of the plan as it can act as a driver for innovation and more jobs, like in the area of clean shipping; writes the Commission on their communication. The European Commission writes that the agenda "A Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region" will complement the existing EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

The Blue growth study, concluded by the European Commission last year, reconfirmed that there is a huge potential for the development of maritime economy in the Baltic Sea region. The Baltic Sea region's specific characteristics provide it with the opportunity to combine responses to environmental challenges with extraordinary assets, such as competitive and innovative research and business sectors and a strong tradition of cooperation. Growth and a healthy marine environment should go hand in hand.

The document proposes:

  • Consistent approach to innovations, increased sustainability.
  • Innovation streams should cut across the areas, such as maritime technologies, biotechnologies, renewable energy, port reception facilities, maritime and coastal tourism including cruise industry, and aquaculture.
  • Focus on the right skills and qualifications, cluster development.
  • Better targeted funding to support maritime projects.
  • This has to be implemented through multi-sectoral stakeholder dialogue, building on existing work, in full coordination with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and making full use of available funding.

The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region (EUSBSR) has been the EU framework for regional action in the Baltic Sea area for the past five years and its recently revised Action Plan has an important maritime component. The focus on Blue growth could be further improved through strengthening the EUSBSR action plan in a number of areas. This could include new flagships related to offshore energy, aquaculture, blue biotechnology, maritime technologies, skills and cluster development.

The European Commission states that it is ready to facilitate the implementation of the Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda in the Baltic Sea Region through a dedicated multi-sectoral maritime stakeholder platform. In the course of 2014-2015, the Commission, in cooperation with stakeholders, will organise a series of workshops dedicated to Blue Growth and funding opportunities in the Baltic Sea region.

More information: Website European Commission

The agenda is complementary to the Action Plan to revitalise the marine and maritime economy in the Atlantic Ocean Area proposed last year (more information).

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