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The BlueBio Cofund completes its selection of pre-proposals


The BlueBio Cofund completes its selection of pre-proposals

Following the recommendation of the evaluation panel and upon decision of the Call Steering Committee 35 pre-proposals have been invited to submit a full proposal by 17 September 2019.
The 35 pre-proposals were selected of an initial 83 proposals in total responding to the joint call launched in December 2018. The following table shows the breakdown of the proposals that were received and that have been invited for the full proposal stage.
Priority Areas Proposals
Priority area 1: Exploring new bioresources 23
Priority area 2: Exploring improvements in fisheries and aquaculture 10
Priority area 3: Exploring synergies across sectors 2
Priority area 4: Exploring Biotechnology and ICT 0



The ERA-NET COFUND on the Blue Bioeconomy - Unlocking the Potential of Aquatic Bioresources (BlueBio) is designed to support public-public partnerships between Member States and associated countries for the implementation and coordination of networking activities. BlueBio launches calls for proposals in accordance with the JPI Oceans Operational Plan and tackles common priorities as described by the ERA-NET.
For detailed information on background, scope, and more, please visit the BlueBio COFUND website,
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