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Council discussed joint programming


Council discussed joint programming

EU Research Ministers addressed joint programming at the meeting of the Competitiveness Council on the 30th of May. Ministers urged the need to move forward from planning to implementation.

The council discussions followed up on the report “Review of the Joint Programming process” drafted by an expert Group mandated by the High-Level Group on Joint Programming (GPC) as well as outcomes from a conference on Joint Programming the Irish Presidency organized in Dublin on 28 February and 1March. This high level conference gathered national policy makers, programme managers and institutional representatives to discuss the achievements so far and the steps for the future.

Irish Minister of State for Research and Innovation, Seán Sherlock, chaired the meeting and in a statement released by the Irish Presidency following the debate he stressed that “Ministers affirmed the importance of ensuring progress. ”He further argued that the Council “also recognised the importance of involving the scientific community and other relevant stakeholders directly in this process, in order to maximise societal benefits.” Finally he highlighted that “Ministers also acknowledged the central role of the High-Level Group on Joint Programming (GPC) in monitoring the Joint Programming process and that the GPC should promote the alignment of national research agendas.”

The Council agreed amongst other that a successful implementation of joint programming requires a new mind-set at national level, involving, for example, greater alignment of national programmes, earmarking of funds or acceptance of jointly agreed standards and procedures.

The JPI Oceans Management Board discussed the expert group report during its meeting in February this year and concluded that “the Management Board sees the alignment of national programmes as an important goal. However, to realise the full potential of joint programming, all publicly funded R&D activities (Including data collection and infrastructures) should be considered as potentially relevant.”

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