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CSA Oceans mapping and preliminary analysis of infrastructures


CSA Oceans mapping and preliminary analysis of infrastructures

CSA Oceans delivered its first report on marine research infrastructures and human capacity building. The report includes an overview that aims to help member states identify infrastructures that require concerted efforts in the second phase of the project.

Data collection and management, marine research infrastructures and capacity building are all fundamental to ensure that Europe fully benefits from the available knowledge and innovations within marine and maritime research.

Over recent years, many initiatives have been launched to better coordinate the development and use of marine research infrastructures at EU level. The aim being to create lasting cost-efficiency in marine and maritime data collection and management, use of the different research infrastructures, provision of appropriate capacity building services, supporting models for knowledge-based policy-decisions and development of the maritime economy. However, in Europe these initiatives have traditionally been fragmented, which often lead to; duplication and overlap of efforts and support fading after a short-time. This left important gaps unattended and a systemic lack of long term planning and funding.

Therefore as a first step CSA Oceans, a FP7 Support Action for JPI Oceans, has integrated mapping efforts conducted over the last few years into one single repository (available soon). The repository will gather all information on infrastructures related to marine and maritime research activities and will ensure the long term storage of the data. In addition a procedure will be set up to allow the responsible people to update the information regularly.

Building on this mapping exercise, stakeholder consultations and existing initiatives (EURO-Argo, GROOM, EMSO, FIXO3, , JERICO, EUROFLEETS, EMBRC, AQUAEXCEL, MARINET, SEADATANET, MyOcean, EMODNET, WISE Marine, EuroGOOS, Euromarine, SEAS-ERA, etc…), CSA Oceans conducted a preliminary analysis of marine research infrastructures and human capacity building. This preliminary analysis is an introduction to the needs and gaps analysis which will be delivered in a second phase of the project in order to develop the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of JPI Oceans. 

See the report here: Mapping and analysis MRI and HCB (PDF-3 957.4 KB)

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