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CSA Oceans preliminary analysis of policy needs


CSA Oceans preliminary analysis of policy needs

CSA Oceans has completed its preliminary analysis of policy needs. The public deliverable reports on the current status of marine and maritime policies relevant to JPI Oceans and identifies examples of science to policy mechanisms.

The report uses stakeholder input to identify the needs of different policies to fulfil their objectives. One of the underlying issues is thought to be a lack of integration between marine and maritime activities. It was suggested that new technologies, integrated systems and greater data sharing could be the key to developing more holistic management strategies.

Stakeholders also identified several examples of effective science to policy mechanisms which include ICES, the IPCC assessment, and science-policy activities of the European Marine Board. It was also thought that the European Union lacks a single focus point to engage with international science to policy mechanisms. It was suggested that greater involvement in the IOC GOOS programme could be an appropriate platform to do this.

Evidence for the public deliverable was gathered from three stakeholder consultation exercises conducted in 2013. This involved a series of stakeholder workshops, a national funding agencies questionnaire, and an online consultation.

Next steps

The next step for CSA Oceans - Work Package 5 is to build on the findings of the first deliverable. The next deliverable will develop case studies, based on the examples identified, and suggest how JPI Oceans could improve science to policy mechanisms in Europe.

Both deliverables of Work Package 5 will be used to inform the content of the JPI Oceans Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and Implementation Plan. Stakeholder inputs are at the core of this deliverable to ensure that the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda  and the Implementation Plan are developed in parallel with the opinions of the European marine and maritime community.

More information

-   Mapping and preliminary analysis of policy needs for evidence (PDF-1 272 KB)

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