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European Commission outlines ocean energy action plan


European Commission outlines ocean energy action plan

Commissioners Damanaki and Oettinger present new action plan for facilitation of renewable ocean energy development

The European Commission has announced the release of the new Blue Energy action plan which will, amongst other things, create an Ocean Energy Forum. The intent behind such a forum is the facilitation of the exchange of knowledge, development of co-operation and the building of capacity. The plan represents a step up in the Commission’s commitment to ocean energy, in addition to existing support for ocean energy initiatives. The forum will aggregate existing knowledge and expertise that will hopefully be a catalyst for innovation in the drive toward full industrialisation of the sector.

As Commissioner Oettinger stated, the field has “a significant potential to enhance the security of supply” and has the additional hope of providing assistance in achieving low-carbon usage targets. However the associated challenges of high technology costs, gaps in both infrastructure and administration and lack of knowledge about the environmental impacts of the industry all present roadblocks to such accomplishments.

However, with challenge comes opportunity; with a variety of technology on offer capable of harnessing ocean energy and the high unemployment with which Europe’s coastal areas suffer, there is potential to grow a thriving industry. A sentiment echoed by Maria Damanaki’s statement that “seas and oceans have the potential to generate huge economic growth and much-needed jobs”.

Should this goal of developing a Strategic Roadmap for the ocean energy sector be successful, it could contribute toward the basis of a future European Industrial Initiative.

More information:

Press release

- European Commission Communication (PDF): Blue Energy Action needed to deliver on the potential of ocean energy in European seas and oceans by 2020 and beyond

- Impact assessment (PDF): Ocean Energy - Action needed to deliver on the potential of ocean energy by 2020 and beyond

Written by: Adam Fazackerley

Published:  22.01.2014

Last updated:22.01.2014


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