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First workshop CSA MarineBiotech


First workshop CSA MarineBiotech

On April 26 – 27 the CSA MarineBiotech held its first workshop in Olhão, Portugal. The CSA MarineBiotech is a preparatory action towards an ERA-NET in marine biotechnology.

The goal of MarineBiotech CSA will be the mobilization and engagement of funding agencies and stakeholders. The consortium will, together with a Strategic Forum of funding agencies and a Stakeholder Group, prepare a high-quality proposal for a future ERA-NET in marine biotechnology.

Towards this objective, the first workshop on ‘Mobilization and engagement of funding agencies and stakeholders with interest in marine biotechnology’ was held on April 26 – 27 in Olhão, Portugal. MarineBiotech partners and external speakers, among them a representative of the JPI Oceans, presented their views on marine biotechnology and round table discussions were held. The workshop resulted in useful information exchange on research priorities and fostered good contacts, ideas and a basis for planning the way forward towards the establishment of the MarineBiotech ERA-NET.

A second workshop is foreseen in autumn this year to continue with the exchange of views and information between stakeholders and the CSA MarineBiotech. Presentations are available on the MarineBiotech web site.

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