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JPI Oceans’ Strategic Advisory Board evaluates pilot actions


JPI Oceans’ Strategic Advisory Board evaluates pilot actions

The third meeting of JPI Oceans’ Strategic Advisory Board generated valuable and constructive outcomes on the upcoming pilot actions

On the 16th of October, the JPI Oceans secretariat hosted the third Strategic Advisory Board (StAB) meeting which produced valuable insights and conclusions on how to maintain JPI Oceans’ progress.

Following the presentation of the developments in the evaluation criteria for pilot action proposals, to which StAB advice contributed heavily, the meeting saw further elaboration on the evaluation, objectives and management of pilot actions. This constructive and forward thinking approach continued into specific talks on JPI Oceans’ three existing pilot actions.

The pilot action regarding the ecological aspects of micro-plastics was deemed a good starting point for JPI Oceans and received full support from the StAB. The pilot action’s scope spans analytical method development, inter-laboratory study of sediments and examination of the ecotoxicological effects of micro-plastics.

The second pilot action, which seeks to investigate the long-term ecological impacts of deep-sea mining, received constructive input from the StAB; specifically encouraging the involvement of industry in the early phase of the pilot actions’ development. The pilot action envisages a three-legged cruise to the DISCOL area off the coast of Peru, the purpose being to revisit where a sea-floor disturbance experiment was carried out in the 1980s. Moreover, the actions intends to conduct research in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone of the Pacific Ocean where European countries have various claims.
To further follow up on the pilot actions on micro-plastics and deep sea mining, a meeting will be held with the funding agencies of interested nations on the 12th of November in Brussels to further discuss funding and scope for the pilot actions.

In addition to the aforementioned pilots, the pilot action on the multi-use of infrastructure for monitoring in the North Sea was discussed at the StAB meeting. This action aims to develop an integrated monitoring survey to meet requirements of the Common Fisheries Policy and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the plan being to jointly collect the data among member countries. Discussion was established among StAB members on how to clarify and develop certain aspects of this pilot actions. In the end it was agreed that continued consultation will be central in the further development.

Finally, the discussions proffered an insight into ambitions of an international future for JPI Oceans, with wide support materialising for JPI Oceans to be a coordinating body for strategic discussions on further cooperation with countries outside of Europe. 

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