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JPI Oceans first Strategic Advisory Board elected


JPI Oceans first Strategic Advisory Board elected

On the 28th of August the first JPI Oceans Strategic Advisory Board consisting of 17 members was elected from more than 70 candidates from science, industry and civil society.

The election brought forward an excellent list of 17 members with broad experience in the marine and maritime research sphere and across the European sea basins. In addition the elected members have very diverse and complementary backgrounds as users and producers of knowledge ranging from science, industry, public authorities and civil society organisations.

The aim of the Strategic Advisory Board (StAB) is to provide neutral and independent advice and assistance to the Management Board. With this mandate the StAB will assist with the preparation of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and an Implementation Plan, to address the opportunities and challenges outlined in the JPI Oceans Vision Document.

High quality advice

'The election of the such an excellent board with these high level profiles is a significant milestone for the JPI', says Dirk Van Melkebeke, chair of the JPI Oceans management Board and Secretary General of the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation, Flemish Government. ‘With the board the JPI can count on high quality advice and can play a strategic role in the European marine and maritime R&D landscape.’


76 nominees from 20 countries

In the first phase of the election 76 nominees from 20 countries were nominated by the JPI Oceans member countries. In the second phase all member countries of JPI Oceans had an equal amount of votes to elect the StAB members. Due to the quality of the nominees, the election proved to be very challenging and a second voting round was needed to avoid any ties between the nominees. ‘To this end we are extremely grateful for the efforts put in to this process by all the nominees’, says Dirk Van Melkebeke.
The election resulted in a final list of the following candidates:


  1.    Manuel Barange - Plymouth Marine Laboratory
  2.    Catherine Boyen - CNRS
  3.    Laura Giuliano - CIESM
  4.    Arturo González Romero - INNOVAMAR
  5.    Peter Herzig - Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences, IFM-GEOMAR
  6.    Karin Lochte - Alfred Wegener Institute
  7.    John Lock - DEFRA
  8.    Niall McDonough - Marine Board-ESF
  9.    Jean-Francois Minster - Total
  10.    Sigve Nordrum - AKER BIOMARINE ANTARCTIC
  11.    Sevcan Çolpan Polat Beken - TÜBITAK MarmaraResearch Center
  12.    Eeva-Liisa Poutanen - Ministry of the Environment, Finland
  13.    Frank Roland - Center of Maritime Technologies e.V. (CMT)
  14.    Yvonne Shields - Commissioners of Irish Lights
  15.    Nils Christian Stenseth - CESS, Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis, Dept. of Biology, University of Oslo
  16.    Gert Verreet - OSPAR Secretariat
  17.    Wendy Watson-Wright - UNESCO - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

The members of the StAB are appointed for a term of 3 years, with possibility to be reappointed for an additional term.

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