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JPI Oceans Management Board elects Executive Committee


JPI Oceans Management Board elects Executive Committee

On 10 October the JPI Oceans Management Board, consisting of representatives of the 17 participating countries, elected its Executive Committee.

The day after the inauguration of the new JPI Oceans office in Brussels, the JPI Oceans Management Board had its first meeting at the new premises. During the meeting the Management Board elected unanimously an Executive Committee (ExCom) consisting of the following members:

  1. Dirk Van Melkebeke, Secretary General, Flanders Authority, Department of Economy Science and Innovation
  2. Jette Nielsen, Senior Scientific Researcher, Emerita, Technical University of Denmark on behalf of the Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation
  3. Dr. Joachim Harms, Project Management Jülich, Research Centre Jülich GmbH, Germany
  4. Dr. Peter van Velzen, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Netherlands 
  5. Dr. Lourdes Armesto, Head of Department, Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

The ExCom is an executive body, providing support and assistance to the Management Board during the development and implementation of the JPI Oceans governance, plans, actions and activities.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the Executive Committee are to assist in the preparation of the Management Board meetings. In doing so the Executive Committee prepares proposals for actions, thereby allowing the Management Board to focus on strategic decisions.


Pilot actions

In addition to the progress made with regards, to the governance, the Management Board discussed the possibilities in launching pilot actions for the implementation of the JPI. Several countries expressed concrete interest in following up on the issue. More news on potential pilot actions is expected on the next Management Board meeting in February.


Marine Research Infrastructure

As a follow up of the last Management Board meeting the Board also had a strategic discussion on the use of structural funds to finance marine research infrastructure. The discussion followed after a timely presentation by members from the European Commission’s Marine Research Infrastructure Expert group. It was concluded that the work conducted by the expert group is very comprehensive. It echoes the need to develop a truly integrated and sustainably funded “European contribution to a global Ocean Observing System”. This could be achieved through better coordination of national capabilities with appropriate investments, in coordination with relevant initiatives (e.g. ESFRI, EMODNET, GMES) and the engagement of end-users.


Ireland to host next Management Board meeting

The next JPI Oceans Management Board meeting will be held in Dublin on February 27th 2013 back to back with the EU presidency annual Joint programming conference.




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