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JPI Oceans Management Board has 15 confirmed members


JPI Oceans Management Board has 15 confirmed members

The JPI Oceans Management Board has fifteen confirmed participating countries (including the European Commission). Two additional countries have confirmed that they are in the process of assigning their representation and others have expressed interest in joining the JPI.

The commitment of Member States and Associated Countries has gradually increased as the JPI has matured during this past year’s preparatory phase of the JPI Oceans. We are in particular pleased to be covering all European sea basins with Belgium, Denmark, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom. Finland and Germany have asked for observer status while national discussions regarding membership status are ongoing. The European Commission has been granted a non-voting membership and  BONUS EEIG will continue to be granted observer status. This is an open and inclusive process and other countries are very welcome to join.

JPI Oceans has reached a milestone with the establishment of the Management Board. We are already preparing for the first meeting, to take place in September.

Even if JPI Oceans has been actively meeting stakeholders during the past year, it is important to realise that the joint programming initiatives are all top driven to solve the grand challenges. The interim management board has in particular paid attention to develop the dossier for the Management Board. The dossier, which includes the Vision Document, Terms of Reference and Mapping, will be discussed by the Management Board during their first meeting. So far the dossier has been handed to the European Commission on the 19th of April. The Commission will use it to assess the maturity of the JPI as requested by the European Council.

The JPI Oceans will build on key ERA activities like ERANETs, technology platforms and ESFRI and seek close cooperation with these initiatives, in particular in the short term, as JPI Oceans has a longer term perspective.

A roadmap will be developed for the Management Board to meet with key stakeholders and activities like for example; ICES, EFARO, MARCOM and the Regional Conventions. Finally as oceans are global, the JPI Oceans will extend its dialogue with global partners like the US, Canada, Australia, China, India, Brazil and others bilaterally, but also through global organisations like IOC and FAO. 

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