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JPI Oceans maturity to be assessed by European Commission


JPI Oceans maturity to be assessed by European Commission

Rudy Herman and Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Co-Chair and Director of the JPI Oceans secretariat, handed over a comprehensive dossier on the Joint Programming Initiative on Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans to the European Commission on April 19th. The dossier has been endorsed by the Interim Management Board.

The dossier was endorsed in a meeting on April 6th and includes a vision document, terms of reference, mapping and state of play of commitment from the participating countries.

This past year has been a fascinating voyage in building trust, commitment and a common vision across the participating countries. The JPI Oceans organisation has been working hard on all levels to reach our goals and to meet the deadline set by the European Commission during the meeting of the High Level Group for Joint Programming (GPC) in March this year.

The next step is for the European Commission to assess the maturity of the JPI Oceans. The outcome is expected to be presented to the GPC during their meeting on May 6th.



The dossier handed to the European Commission is based on input from the members and observers of the JPI Oceans through a number of interim management board meetings and subgroup meetings. The dossier was finally endorsed by the Interim Management Board on April 6th and includes:

- The Vision Document which is more focused compared to the original JPI Oceans template, presented to the GPC in May 2010.

- Mapping of relevant marine and maritime RTD has been conducted. It covers activities in Member States, Associated Countries and the EU.

- Terms of Reference describing the governing bodies, their responsibilities and stakeholder involvement.

- Commitment. The JPI Oceans is long-term and a number of countries have already appointed members to the high-level management board. Countries have further more shown their commitment by providing human resources, budgets and fees.

Additional documents completing the dossier are:

  • A document with a Qualitative analysis of The Current situation – main gaps
  • A document with Gaps to feed the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda - including Infrastructure and Human resources
  • A document with an overview of Policy Drivers for the JPI Oceans
  • A document expressing how the JPI Oceans perceives its Links to other JPI’s

We are quite optimistic that the dossier will be well received by the European Commission.

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