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JPI Oceans meeting on Munition in the Sea


JPI Oceans meeting on Munition in the Sea

On October 6, 2017, several JPI Oceans member countries met in Rome to define an implementation plan for late 2017-2018

This meeting follows a review of national offers which identified activities to be implemented with and without additional external efforts. The plan will focus on the more feasible activities, having in mind that many of them will be open to the participation of other countries. The outputs of what will be implemented in 2018 aim at structuring a EU scientific cooperation and a bridge with operators to tackle the challenge of Munitions in the Sea. 

The near future activities will address 

  • a scenario-based workshop to exchange practices on solutions/procedures and address the main gaps,
  • a workshop to identify the scientific and technological state-of-the-art and paths to fill the gaps,
  • a design for cost-efficient joint activities between the military and civil communities,
  • the analysis of emerging technologies
  • a proposal for the rationalization and re-utilization of data from seabed mapping.

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