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JPI Oceans opens office in Brussels


JPI Oceans opens office in Brussels

On 9 October JPI Oceans officially inaugurated its new office in Brussels. With the inauguration of the new office, JPI Oceans will be the first Joint Programming Initiative to have a dedicated office space for the international team working in the JPI Oceans secretariat.

At the moment ten people from seven different countries are seconded to work part or full time in the secretariat. The space is located conveniently close at the center of the European quarter (Rue du Trône 130, 1050 Brussels) and has meeting room which facilitates meetings for up to 35 people. The new JPI Oceans office is funded largely by contributions of the Norwegian Research Council. In addition the Flanders Marine institute supplied the audiovisual equipment.

During the official inauguration of the office Arvid Hallèn Director General of the Research Council of Norway expressed his hope and expectations that: ‘the secretariat will contribute in making the new office a hub for member countries, the marine and maritime policy makers to enhance the dialogue across the ministries, institutions and the research community.’

Throughout the inauguration the majority of the speakers explicitly mentioned the need for more cooperation in research. Kristine Gramstad, deputy minister of the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs said: ‘I would argue that the great potential of our seas and oceans also require great responsibility, and it is therefore that the management of our Seas and Oceans needs to be based on sound science.’

The opening of the new office for JPI Oceans was also welcomed by the European Commission. According to John Bell, Head of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Research and Innovation the new office is an indication of the strong commitment of its members. Furthermore he commented: ‘I hope that this is the beginning of a strong cooperation process between countries involved and with the European Commission, which can help deliver a thriving European marine economy and healthier seas and oceans.’

The inauguration featured high level speakers from Norway, Belgium and the European Commission:

Arvid Hallén,
Director-General, Research Council of Norway

Atle Leikvoll,
Norwegian Ambassador to the EU

Kristine Gramstad,
State Secretary, Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs

John Bell
Head of Cabinet of Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research and Innovation

Kari Balke Øiseth,
Director-General for research, Ministry of Education and Research

Dirk Van Melkebeke,
JPI Oceans Management Board Chair,
Secretary-General, Flemish Government – Department Economy, Science and Innovation

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