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JPI Oceans presented at European Maritime Days


JPI Oceans presented at European Maritime Days

On 21-22 may JPI Oceans and the Marine Board (ESF) co-organised a workshop at the High-level Conference "Sustainable growth from the oceans, seas and the coasts" (European Maritime day) held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The workshop focused on “Seas and Oceans Research in Europe: Addressing critical societal and policy challenges”.

In its presentation, Rudy Herman, Chairman of JPI, showed how JPI Oceans can play a major role in meeting European policy goals to maximise the value of the maritime economy and to secure the Good Environment Status of European seas. He highlighted marine and maritime research potential contribution to “Blue Growth”, which aims at “creating new jobs in the maritime economy and letting maritime economy grow, but sustainably and inclusively” as defined by Commissioner Damanaki in a keynote speech in the plenary session of the conference.

The Marine Board speakers presented two specific challenges on the example of its most recent foresight studies on marine chemical pollution and marine microbial diversity. Dr. Patrick Roose (MUMM, Belgium) presented the latest Marine Board position paper on Monitoring Chemical Pollution in Europe’s Seas: Programmes, Practices and Priorities for research. This position paper provides an overview of the existing monitoring and assessment frameworks, a critical evaluation of current monitoring practices, and examples of emerging chemicals of concern and mechanisms used to include them in monitoring programmes. The paper calls for better coordination, cooperation and harmonization between existing monitoring efforts and those under development, to avoid duplication of effort, loss of expertise and a reduced willingness to fulfil the obligations towards regional conventions.

Prof. Dr Frank Oliver Glöckner (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany) presented the new Marine Board position paper on marine microbial diversity as a pre-release to tie in with International Biodiversity Day. The position paper, entitled, Marine Microbial Diversity in Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Change, provides an overview of the European marine microbial research state-of-the-art and a gives a set of high-level research recommendations to guide research in the medium term (to 2020).

In a final presentation, M. Mario Dogliani, Waterbone TP, highlighted the expectations of the marine and maritime industry from JPI Oceans. He gave the example of nanomaterials opportunities in various industries including the maritime sectors.

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