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JPI Oceans - visit from Norwegian State Secretary


JPI Oceans - visit from Norwegian State Secretary

State Secretary Dilek Ayhan, from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, visited JPI Oceans on the 20th of February as part of the State Secretary's visit to Brussels with Minister Monica Mæland. The two hour meeting saw constructive dialogue between the State Secretary and the JPI Oceans secretariat.

The Norwegian Government places Europe high on its agenda by appointing a dedicated Minister for Europe, a position currently occupied by Minister Vidar Helegsen. Many Ministers have already been to Brussels. Simultaneously with our visit several other Norwegian State Secretaries and political advisers took part in a two day program in Brussels, states Ayhan.

Coordinates Norwegian participation

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries that was established on 1st January 2014 coordinates Norwegian participation in JPI Oceans. The Ministry chairs an inter-ministerial working group that has participation from 6 other ministries. Which is a useful organisational structure, given that JPI Oceans covers topics that span the competency areas and responsibilities of several ministries.

The State Secretary was greeted by an international secretariat that has representatives from 6 different countries. Director, Kathrine Angell-Hansen, presented the status of JPI Oceans which currently has 19 member countries andone observer country taking part. The main focus is currently the development of the strategic research and innovation agenda and to establish pilot actions. Angell-Hansen stressed that the process in itself is important because it builds trust, establishes a common understanding and gives an opportunity to agree on the main goals. 

Pilot Actions 

John Hanus from the secretariat presented the current pilot actions that have been adopted by the Management Board. The actions that aim to test and develop new instruments for cooperation and coordination include topics such as microplastics, ecological aspects of deep-sea mining and multi use of infrastructure for monitoring in the North Sea. – “I am pleased to learn that the Norwegian Research Council has allocated around 1,2 million Euros (10 million NOK) to facilitate Norwegian participation in the pilot actions on microplastics and deep sea mining” Ayhan stated.

After her meeting with the JPI Oceans secretariat, the State Secretary continued her visit by moving on to a meeting with Member of the European Parliament, Maria Carvalho. Angell-Hansen reminded State Secretary Ayhan that Carvalho, as well as other colleagues in European Parliament, had been very supportive of JPI Oceans, inviting the initiative to the Parliament on many occasions. Carvalho has also been one of the key contributors in demonstrating the importance of marine and maritime research in the European Union's multi annual research and innovation programme – Horizon 2020.

International secretariat

The secretariat was pleased to receive the opportunity of welcoming State Secretary Ayhan. She expressed great interest in learning more about JPI Oceans and entering into a dialogue about the process and activities of the initiative. Ayhan was glad to learn about the composition of the secretariat currently numbering 14 people stating that the composition is valuable in securing participation from different parts of Europe. It lays the foundation for good collaboration, concludes State Secretary Ayhan.

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