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A legal entity for JPI Oceans


A legal entity for JPI Oceans

With the establishment of an international non-profit association under Belgian law (AISBL) JPI Oceans passed a new milestone.  
The legal entity will further consolidate JPI Oceans role in the European Research Area and is a symbol of the increasing maturity of JPI Oceans. With the new AISBL JPI Oceans will better able to deliver on its strategic mission and enter into partnerships. Since its launch in 2011, much has been achieved and JPI Oceans' impact is being demonstrated in highly topical areas such as microplastics in the oceans, where four very successful research projects are now two years in and in the action on the ecological aspects of deep sea mining. In the latter a new approach was tested to developing a multinational, multidisciplinary research programme based on the sharing of research ship infrastructure. In both these actions the work has been recognized by the G7 in their statements and is contributing to the development of policy for good ocean goverance. Both actions have second funding rounds in preparation. 
Major investments are also in train in the areas of Marine and Maritime technologies through the MarTERA ERANET Cofund, where new projects will be announced this summer, and in a new Cofund on the Blue Bioeconomy which is expected to launch in autumn 2018.

New JPI Oceans office 

The establishment of the legal entity was complemented by the move of the JPI Oceans secretariat to a new office in Brussels. With the new location, the secretariat will ensure cost savings in longer term whilst continuing to support effectively and efficiently our member countries.
The continued presence in Brussels reflects the pan-European nature of JPI oceans and allows the secretariat to interact with EU policymakers. The new office is located at Rue du Trône 4, 1000 Brussels.  

JPI Oceans AISBL  •   Rue du Trône 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. +32 (0)2 626 16 60   •     info@jpi-oceans.eu
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