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Marine Research Infrastructure Database launched


Marine Research Infrastructure Database launched

In cooperation with EurOcean and SEAS-ERA, CSA Oceans launched a new database on Marine Research Infrastructures

The database includes information on more than 800 facilities and ensures the long term storage of information on marine research infrastructures in Europe. To allow continuous updating of the repository, operators are invited to use the "insert" link on the home page to submit any updates and/or additional information.

Within the framework of the joint programming process this database aims to be a common tool for scientists, operators and policy-makers. This will enable optimisation of the connections between scientific activities and their needs allowing for a proper approach to; leading-edge research, addressing societal challenges, improving the facilities and services available and related gaps if any.

The database offers a smart web interface that allows targeted searches using key words or geography of the marine research infrastructure on an interactive map. The displayed results can be shown either on a map or in a table format.

The launch of the database also responds to the need for a "One-stop shop" portal broadly expressed by stakeholders in the CSA Oceans consultation.

More information: 6.1 Mapping and analysis Marine Research Infrastructure and HCB (PDF-4 640.5 KB)



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