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MarTERA ERA-NET Cofund announces 19 marine and maritime technology projects


MarTERA ERA-NET Cofund announces 19 marine and maritime technology projects

In response to the joint call launched in December 2016, 19 projects requesting 23 million € were selected for funding. 
The joint call  was initiated by 18 funding organisations of the former ERA-NET MARTEC consortium and JPI Oceans members from 16 countries/regions, with cofunding of the European Commission:
  • EU Member States countries/regions: Belgium-Flanders, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain;
  • EU associated countries: Norway and Turkey
  • Third countries: Argentina, Belarus and South Africa.


An overview of all projects can be found in the table below: 

Acronym Name Project budget
ARIM Autonomous Robotic Sea-Floor Infrastructure for Bentho-Pelagic Monitoring
Total Cost: 3.1 M€
Funding: 2.2 M€

Biomass and Fish Size Estimation System

Total Cost: 1.4 M€
Funding: 1.0 M€
COMPASS Control of an Operational Mining Path Through an Auto-Adaptive Steering System
Total Cost: 3.6 M€
Funding: 1.4 M€
FATICE Fatigue Damage from Dynamic Ice Action
Total Cost: 2.1 M€
Funding: 1.5 M€
Functional Amyloid Chimera for Marine Biosensing
Total Cost: 1.1 M€
Funding: 0.6 M€
FLEXAQUA Aquaculture Operations with Reliable Flexible Shielding Technologies for Prevention of Infestation in Offshore and Coastal Areas
Total cost: 1.1 M€
Funding: 1.1 M€
Gitaro.JIM Geophysical Interpreatation with Target-Oriented Joint Inversion Modules
Total cost: 2.5 M€
Funding: 2.0 M€

Retrospective Analysis of Historical AIS Data for Navigational Safety Through Recommended Routes

Total cost: 1.2 M€
Funding: 0.8 M€
Integrated Technologies Longterm Deployment of Robotic Underwater Platforms
Total cost: 1.0 M€
Funding: 0.8 M€

Ocean-Air Synoptic Operations Using Coordinated Autonomous Robotic Systems and Micro Underwater Glider

Total cost: 1.9 M€
Funding: 1.0 M€
OCEANSensor Development and Metrological Improvements of Marine Chemical Sensors
Total cost: 1.9 M€
Funding: 1.4 M€

A Compact Combined UAV Polarimetric KU Band Radar and EO/IR Sensor System for Oil Spill and Sea Debris Detection

Total cost: 0.9 M€
Funding: 0.5 M€

Analysis Methods and Design Measures for the Reduction of Noise and Vibration Induced by Marine Propellers

Total cost: 2.5 M€
Funding: 1.9 M€
Robotic Vessels as-a-Service
Total cost: 1.8 M€
Funding: 1.5 M€
Ship Routing Accounting for Changable Sea Conditions
Total cost: 0.4 M€
Funding: 0.4 M€
SeaMag High-Performance Seawater Magnesium Batteries for Marine Application
Total cost: 1.9 M€
Funding: 1.5 M€
Solutions for Semi-Automated Monitoring of Benthic Biodiversity
Total cost: 1.5 M€
Funding: 0.6 M€
SMARTAQUA Development of Smart Nanostructured Layers for Sensing Corrosion in Aquatic Structures
Total cost: 0.7 M€
Funding: 0.7 M€
Tools for Optimizing Performance of Voyages at Sea
Total cost: 1.7 M€
Funding: 1.2 M€



The overall goal of the MarTERA Cofund is to strengthen the European Research Area (ERA) in maritime and marine technologies and Blue Growth. MarTERA resulted from the collaboration between JPI Oceans and former ERA-NET MARTEC. The consortium launched the first cofunded call in December 2016 with a budget of 30 million Euro, where the participating countries contributed with 20 million Euro and the European Commission allocated 10 million Euro.

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