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New JPI Oceans pilot action receives approval


New JPI Oceans pilot action receives approval

The new pilot action, intercalibration for the coastal and transitional waters of the EU Water Framework Directive, was approved at the last JPI Oceans Management Board in Oslo

The proposal for the joint funding of the scientific intercalibration exercise for the coastal and transitional waters in the North-East Atlantic for the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) was proposed by the Belgian delegation in JPI Oceans.

The JPI Oceans pilot action will add value by:

  • finding experienced scientific expert leads to perform required analyses in the most cost-efficient way for phytoplankton and benthic invertebrate fauna (as there are constraints in the availability of experts of national environmental authorities)
  • reducing fragmentation (of comparison calculation efforts) and increase efficiency in relation to the Water (and Marine Strategy) Framework Directive;
  • increasing experience with joint data collection and analysis; 
  • testing a mechanism for joint funding from environmental authorities of 9 Member States (BE, DE, DK, FR, IE, NL, NO, SE, UK), surpassing the traditional model of joint calls, to obtain the performance improvements.

In doing so, the JPI Oceans pilot action will enable a long-term dialogue between environmental authorities and the scientific community of Member States to solve remaining scientific challenges jointly. Furthermore, as comparable environmental assessments are of crucial importance for industry, research on scientifically sound and comparable environmental assessment can be a competitive advantage for Europe.


The EU Water Framework Directive

The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) was adopted in 2000, the purpose being establishment of a framework for protection of inland surface waters, transitional waters, coastal waters and groundwater. The overall aim for these surface and groundwater ‘water bodies’ is to achieve good chemical and ecological status by 2015.

The WFD is the legislation tool with strongest emphasis on regional cooperation and comparability and underwent a scientifically underpinned intercalibration exercise. Significant gaps still exist despite two phases of intercalibration for coastal and transitional waters.

Read more about the pilot action here.

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