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Public consultation on European Commision’s Blue Growth initiative


Public consultation on European Commision’s Blue Growth initiative

Mid-March the European Commission launched a consultation on its Blue Growth initiative. The initiative is a long-term strategy to support growth in the maritime sector as a whole and builds on earlier policy initiatives to recognise the potential of marine resources.

While marine and maritime activities are important for Europe's economy – and, in many cases, even more important for the direct economic and employment impact on coastal communities – several sectors have not fulfilled their full sustainable economic potential. This is one of the reasons leading to several coastal regions lagging behind in terms of growth, when compared to the rest of Europe. In light of this, the European Commission concluded that it is essential that Europe recognises the true potential of its marine resources and develops an integrated policy that acknowledges the inter-linkages that exist between the different domains and functions of its seas, oceans and coastal areas.

The consultation on the Blue growth initiative aims at gathering the opinion of individuals and stakeholders that have an interest in and would like to shape the EU actions in the marine and maritime sectors.

In order to provide a more comprehensive background to the initiative, The European Commission has provided access to the Third Interim Report of the on-going Blue Growth study “Scenarios and Drivers for Sustainable Growth from the Oceans, Seas and Coasts” [PDF - 2 MB] .

JPI Oceans will respond to the public consultation and calls on all stakeholders to respond and provide input to the consultation as well.

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