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Second World Ocean Review about the future of fish and fisheries


Second World Ocean Review about the future of fish and fisheries

The “World Ocean Review” is a unique compilation presenting the state of our oceans and encapsulating cutting-edge science. This second volume focuses on the future of fish and fisheries.

The “Word Ocean Review” is an initiative of “maribus”, a non-profit company founded in 2008. The first edition of World Ocean Review published in 2010, is a comprehensive, detailed and unique report about the state of the world’s oceans and their interplay with ecological, economic and sociopolitical conditions. Its aim is to increase public awareness of the interconnected nature of the diverse aspects of the marine environment and thus to boost marine conservation.

In February 2013, the second World Ocean Review (“WOR, The Future of Fish – The Fisheries of the Future”) was presented to the public. This second issue concentrates in greater detail on a single aspect – the future of fish and fisheries. Fish are a widely distributed resource: around the world there is a total of about 30,000 different species, of which approximately 15,000 live in the sea. They are a crucial element of the various marine habitats. Fish and all other living organisms in the sea are linked through complex food webs. Humans, through their fishing practices, are tampering with this network of relationships. If large numbers of any one fish species are removed, there are also repercussions for the other organisms which depend on this species. Slowly we are beginning to understand how severely fisheries have been impacted in the oceans and what damages we have already inflicted on marine environments. Specialists already know that in future it will not be enough to consider commercially-interesting fish species in isolation. For this reason many experts are developing new fisheries management concepts based on the entire ecosystem, which will allow for the interactions between the different species.

These publications are downloadable free of charge on the World Ocean Review web page.

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