DG MARE and JPI Oceans: Towards blue growth

The latest internal DG MARE briefing held on 26 October was dedicated to the Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans. Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Director of the secretariat of the JPI Oceans, was invited to give a presentation on the state of play of the joint programming process and answered to diverse questions from the public. She also demonstrated to what extent the JPI Oceans will contribute to the “Blue Growth strategy" that is currently being drafted by the European Commission.


Marine Board Autumn Plenary meeting

JPI Oceans was invited to take part to the Marine Board Autumn plenary meeting held in Madrid on 13-14 October. This meeting gathered the main national organisations involved in marine scientific research including research funding organisations, research performing organisations and large university consortia. Kathrine Angell-Hansen, director of JPI oceans secretariat, gave a presentation highlighting potential areas of synergies between JPI Oceans and the Marine Board respective activities.


JPI Oceans meets ESFRI Projects coordinators

JPI Oceans took part in a workshop organised by the European Commission on “ESFRI research Infrastructures and Joint Programming Initiatives in the field of Environmental Sciences” on 17 October. The issue is crucial for the JPI Oceans as one of its long-term objectives is to create a sustainable cost-effective marine data infrastructure to be useful for providing services, supporting models and knowledge-based policy-decisions.


First Management Board of JPI Oceans

On 20 September the Management Board, the decision making body of the JPI Oceans convened for the first time. During the meeting the Management Board approved the vision and governance structure of the JPI and discussed the criteria for the appointment of a Strategic Advisory Board.


JPI Oceans brochure

What is the Joint Programming Initiative for Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans? Why is the initiative needed? What are the objectives of the JPI Oceans? The JPI Oceans secretariat developed a brochure in which the initiative is explained in brief.


JPI Oceans meets ERA-NETs

In a recent forum organized by the ERA-Net SEAS-ERA, representatives of JPI Oceans discussed synergies and possible alignments of activities with representatives of various European Research Area Networks (ERA-NETS) as well as other marine and maritime sciences initiatives and organisations.


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