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Past events

Joint BONUS-HELCOM conference
The 7th BONUS Forum and the 8th HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan Stakeholder Conference held in association with OSPAR, ICES and JPI Oceans.

The Conference reinforces and develops the synergies of HELCOM and BONUS in association with key strategic actors in northern European regional seas – OSPAR, ICES, JPI Oceans – in efforts related to environmental policy and sustainable development of the northern European regional seas.

This conference features and discusses:
  • New research and innovation results
  • Future research priorities and needs from the policy perspective 
  • Next steps towards the joint Baltic Sea and North Sea research and innovation programme


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Our Ocean Conference Bali
The Government of the Republic of Indonesia will host the fifth Our Ocean Conference in Bali on 29 and 30 October 2018. Our Ocean Conference is focused on generating commitments and taking actions to maintain the sustainability of our oceans.

Our Ocean Conference 2018 will convene participants from countries across the globe to ensure diverse perspectives from various stakeholders, including governments, commercial sectors, financing entities, scientific communities, civil society organizations, and young leaders. Heads of States, Ministers, and champions from various backgrounds will also be invited to influence concrete and actionable commitments to preserve the oceans' health.

Areas of action are:

  • Marine protected areas
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Marine pollution
  • Sustainable blue economy
  • Maritime security


More information: Conference website


Bioeconomy Conference
The emerging bioeconomy is moving from research niche to market norm and Europe needs to maintain its current global leadership. The update of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy is a major European Commission wide policy initiative which will be presented and discussed during the Bioeconomy Conference on October 22, in Brussels, Charlemagne building.

The conference will celebrate the launch of the updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy and action plan to enhance the transition in a changed EU policy context and towards a new environmental, social and economic reality. It will also set the scene for the start of the discussion about synergetic actions across different priority areas:

  • support strategic research and innovation, and strengthen support for education and training,
  • upscale the bio-based sectors, mobilise investments, support the creation of markets, develop better monitoring,
  • encourage the adoption, update and coherence of national and regional Bioeconomy Strategies throughout Europe with citizens engagement,
  • strengthen the understanding and resilience of land and sea ecosystems,
  • monitoring and assessment of bioeconomy development


Registration will open early September. For more information: Conference website

JPI Oceans 17th MB meeting

The JPI Oceans Management Board will meet on 8 and 9 October in Reykjavik, Iceland, just before the ICES working meeting on UN's Sustainable Development Goal 14 "Life below water".

The Management Board meets twice a year to discuss the ongoing activities of JPI Oceans and to plan for the future. Each member country is represented in the board.




Sixth EMSEA Conference
The European Marine Science Educator Association (EMSEA) is having its 6th annual conference, hosted by Newcastle University. 
The conference provides delegates the opportunity to inspire and to be inspired by sharing innovative ocean literacy work with others. The overarching theme of the 2018 conference is the North Sea, The North East of England has a long proud maritime history, we aim to highlight this amazing history as well as showcase the many marine innovations the north east has created today.  
The Sub‐themes of the conference are 
  1. Citizen Science
  2. Marine Education and Ocean Literacy
  3. Blue Careers
  4. Transatlantic work 
  5. Open Session

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MiningImpact Stakeholder Information Event
The public hearing of the JPI Oceans MiningImpact research project on 'Environmental Risks and Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining', will take place on 20 September at the Museum of the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels.
As plans for the mining of resources from the seabed are taking shape around the world and the international community is deciding on the regulatory framework for the exploitation of mineral seabed resources at the International Seabed Authority (ISA), many questions remain about the environmental impact of the proposed mining activities. The research project MiningImpact funded under the framework of JPI Oceans is seeking to close this knowledge gap and inform the work of the ISA, by studying the impacts of an industrial test to harvest manganese nodules in the Pacific.
The aim of this public hearing is to present the planned research and its implications as well as the industrial mining test to interested stakeholders. Participants will have the opportunity to pose their questions and critically discuss with scientists and industry representatives about the environmental risks and impacts of seabed mining.
The event is scheduled for 11:30 - 15:00 at the Museum of the Royal Belgium Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS), Rue Vautier / Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussels. To register for the event, please use the following link
10 years Joint Programming - Achievements and the way forward
This event will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Joint Programming Process (JPP) and will exchange on the JPIs‘ achievements and potential.

The conference will aim at gathering the main stakeholders of the JPIs, to share their experiences in developing and implementing challenge-driven R&I programmes and exchange on possible contributions towards Sustainable Development Goals. Especially with regard to FP9 and the introduction of missions, the JPI model can serve as a reference. JPIs role and contribution to developing and implementing mission-oriented programmes in FP9 will be discussed.

The programme will include three sessions:

  1. 10 years JPIs – 10 journeys of how to build ‘challenge-driven’ r&I programmes
  2. JPIs (re-)structuring the landscape
  3. the role of JPIs in European and international policy making

Registration is open until 19 August 2018.

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53rd European Marine Biology Symposium
The 53rd European Marine Biology Symposium will be organized in Ostend by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and Lifewatch Belgium between September 17th and 21st, 2018.

EMBS53 aims at linking the history, the present and the future of (European) marine biology. This edition will be special, as 2018 is a celebration year in Ostend: the first marine station worldwide was inaugurated exactly 175 years ago, in Ostend, by professor Pierre-Joseph Van Beneden. 

During EMBS53, scientists can present their work, linked to the following themes:
  • Science from a historical perspective
  • Science in a modern era
  • Citizen science
  • Science in the North Sea

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