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Past events

Blue Economy Business and Science Forum

The European Commission is organising the first Blue Economy Business and Science Forum in Hamburg gathering around 200 Blue Economy stakeholders.

The Commission Communication on "Innovation in the Blue Economy" proposed a Blue Economy Business and Science Forum, a platform for business, science, finance and policy representatives to identify bottlenecks and explore opportunities for innovation in the blue economy that could contribute to growth.

This Summit will gather together around 200 blue economy stakeholders who will be able to  propose solutions for boosting the European competitiveness in marine and maritime technologies, increasing  collaboration between science and industrial sectors, demonstrating the value of innovative technologies, scaling them up and bringing them to the market.

They will also examine solutions for clearing bottlenecks that hinder the commercialisation of innovative blue technologies in the EU. Making investments in the marine environment is costly, therefore access to finance is crucial.  Participants will also analyse how the new Commission proposal on the European Innovation Council could provide opportunities for Blue Economy entrepreneurs and innovators.

More information: website European Commission

Marine Litter - Europe’s answers to a global challenge

The Parliamentary intergroup  Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas is organizing an event on marine litter in the European Parliament.

In the EU, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) sets the framework for Member States to achieve by 2020 Good Environmental Status (GES) for their marine waters, considering 11 descriptors with one of them focussing on Marine Litter. By 2016 the member states have to implement concrete measures to combat this environmental threat and reach the aspirational target to reduce marine litter by 30% by 2020. In addition with the European Commission's Circular Economy Package, proposals to review the Waste Directives and joint interests by different sectors to prevent waste happening in the first place,a new promising plastics strategy might be on the rise.
The event brings together decision makers, NGO’s and industry representatives to discuss various solution-based approaches.  Andy Booth, Project Coordinater of the JPI Oceans Project PLASTOX on the impacts of microplastics on marine organisms will participate as one of the panel members in the second part of the event.

More information:

6th conference on Maritime Spatial Planning Worldwide

The conference on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Worldwide is the 6th in a series of events organised by the Commission's DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries on MSP and its various connections to economic sectors and the environment. 

As in previous editions, the conference aims at furthering the understanding of MSP and at sharing experiences among policy makers, practitioners, academics and stakeholders. Unlike its predecessors, both its topic and target audience are global.

The EU has taken several steps to better manage its seas and oceans, including the adoption of the Maritime Strategy Framework Directive and the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive. These instruments are now in the process of being implemented, setting new benchmarks and breaking new ground. Now is also the time to look beyond the European experience for examples of what type of solutions worked under which conditions, what obstacles may lay ahead and what benefits await. In order to address global challenges, like climate change and sustainable development, it may also be useful to consider issues related to international and cross-border cooperation and the development of synergies.

The conference seeks to address these subjects by bringing together a group of high-level experts and a diverse audience ready to engage on the subject of MSP. The Government of the Azores has kindly offered to host the meeting during an official visit of Commissioner Vella to the islands, on 23-24 June 2016.

More information: Website European Commission

The Ecological Impacts of Nodule Mining - A Science-Policy Briefing

This briefing will present and disseminate the latest results from science and research on the (long-term) environmental impacts of deep-sea mining and the effective protection of the marine environment in order to provide input to the current deliberations on the draft exploitation code and to ensure that deep-sea governance regimes are based on the best available scientific knowledge.

The briefing is organised with partners of the JPI Oceans joint research project “Ecological aspects of deep-sea mining”. With the project 11 European countries are seeking to improve the necessary knowledge basis for deep-sea governance. The ongoing project assesses the long-term environmental impacts that could arise from commercial mining activities in the deep-sea by mapping habitats, examining ecosystem functioning and identifying the environmental consequences of nodule and sediment removal as well as plume dispersion and re-deposition. At its core have been three expeditions over the course of 2016 to several nodules exploration areas (BGR, GSR, Ifremer, IOM) and areas of particular environmental interest in the CCFZ as well as to the Peru Basin where the seafloor disturbance and recolonization experiment (DISCOL) was carried out 27 years ago.

The meeting will take place at the International Seabed Authority, Kingston, Jamaica from 13.15 to 14.30. 


Scientific Presentations:

  • Introduction and Overview of the Ecological Impact of Deep-Sea Mining, Dr Matthias Haeckel, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany
  • Technologies for Monitoring Mining Activities, Dr Daniel Jones, National Oceanography Centre Southampton, UK
  • Impact on microbial communities and biogeochemical processes, Prof Antje Boetius, Max-Planck Institute for Microbiology Bremen, Germany
  • Benthic Diversity and Recolonisation Potential, Prof Ann Vanreusel, University of Ghent, Belgium

MICRO 2016

Following the MICRO 2014 workshop in Plouzané, France, and the MICRO 2015 seminar in Piran, Slovenia,  MICRO 2016, a three-day international conference on microplastics, is hosted in Lanzarote

The theme of the conference is: Fate and Impact of Microplastics in Marine Ecosystems: From the Coastline to the Open Sea. Although impacts of MPs in marine ecosystems have been reported in the literature since the 70’s, many questions still remain open. MICRO 2016 in Lanzarote will provide an opportunity to share available knowledge, fill in gaps, identify new questions and research needs, and develop commitments to operationalize solutions.

European Maritime Day

The European Maritime Day is the annual meeting point for Europe’s maritime community to network, discuss, and forge joint action. JPI Oceans will host a workshop on knowledge-based governance of deep-sea resources at this year’s conference. 

Participants will be invited to discuss how research can contribute to the development of deep-sea governance regimes, in particular under the International Seabed Authority and the UN BBNJ process, and the role Europe should play in shaping these. Speakers from JPI Oceans’ Pilot Action on deep-sea mining, the COST Network Ocean Governance for Sustainability, and the European Marine Board will present the latest research and policy needs to inform the discussion.

The theme of the conference for 2016 is "Investing in Smart and Sustainable Solutions for Blue Growth". The event will provide a strong input to shape future policies and the practical steps needed to drive transformational change in the blue economy and the wider integrated maritime policy agenda. It will focus on smart and sustainable solutions for blue growth, ocean governance, clean energy and skills development and it will look at tools such as strategic cluster partnerships and common roadmaps to facilitate joint action. Throughout, there will be a particular focus on specific regional challenges and opportunities. These focused, thematic sessions will explore what is needed to drive transformational change in different areas of the integrated maritime agenda. In each stream, a panel discussion will be followed by a structured discussion to set out which actions are needed at different levels: global, European, regional and conclusions/action points to be retransmitted to the plenary will be reached in a participative way.

More information: website DG MARE

JPI Oceans 10th MB meeting

The JPI Oceans Management Board (MB) will  meet to discuss the future sustainability of JPI Oceans. 

The secretariat and offices are currently funded predominantly by Norway and Belgium (Flanders), with staff secondments also from Germany and Italy. At its last meeting, the Management Board supported the proposal that the costs should be shared more equitably by the Member Countries of JPI Oceans. In previous Management Board meetings, it was concluded that the JPI Oceans should aim to become a legal entity. At the next Managament Board meeting in 2016 member countries will discuss the structure, planning and financing of this legal entity.
All member countries participating in JPI Oceans are represented in the Management Board (MB).


Workshop on Hydrogen in Marine Applications

The overall goal of the workshop is to lay the foundation for a new task under the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (IEA-HIA) related to hydrogen in marine applications. 

Shipping is the primary means of transport worldwide and 90% of world trade is carried out by ships. Major emissions are CO2, SOX and NOX. Healthy oceans are one of the main challenges of the future. There is a strong focus among ship owners and assurance companies to work towards safer, greener and smarter shipping. The proposed task will support this work.The specific objective of the new task is to develop global know-how and perform research on the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in marine systems.

Sign up for the workshop here


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