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Stakeholder Report 2016

The first annual WEATHER-MIC Stakeholder Report gives a brief overview of the concepts and ideas behind the project and covers the topics "Fate and distribution", "Risks", "Solutions" and "Education and outreach". It can be accessed here.

Short course

Within the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Young Environmental Scientist (SETAC-YES) conference in Stockholm on February 16-20, 2017, WEATHER-MIC partners at ACES have announced a short course on ecotoxicology of microplastics:

The ecotoxicology of plastic marine debris

Plastic pollution is ubiquitous, but quantitative estimates of its impact in various ecosystem compartments are limited, mostly due to methodological challenges in ecotoxicity assays. There is a clear need to standardize common methodologies to measure and quantify effects of exposure to microplastics in the laboratory settings.

The course will consist of 8 hours of lectures and discussions focusing on:
-    Standardization of the assay procedures;
-    Choice of the test species and meaningful endpoints;
-    Data analysis and interpretation.

Course instructors: Elena Gorokhova, Martin Ogonowski and Zandra Gerdes will give lectures and lead the discussion.

Paper featured on journal cover

Paper about potential cleaning of contaminated fish by eating clean microplastics by Ph.D. student Christoph Rummel featured on the cover of Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts. Click here for accessing the full paper.

Interview with summer student

Check out here for an interview with summer student Linn Merethe at our partner institution NGI:


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