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AquaticPollutants Work Packages

AquaticPollutants pools resources from 32 ministries, authorities and funding organisations from 26 countries to implement a joint call for proposals, with EU co-funding. Additional Activities will also be carried out to further support the implementation and strategy of the three JPIs: Water JPI, JPI  Oceans and JPI AMR.
The Co-funded Call is implemented through 11 tasks that have been separated in three Work Packages (WP2 to WP4). Tasks are planned according to the specifications of the ERA-NET Cofund instrument:
  • Work Package 2 - Preparation and launch of the co-funded call
  • Work Package 3 - Evaluation and proposal selection for the co-funded call
  • Work Package 4 - Follow-up and monitoring of projects resulting from the co-funded call


The implementation of the Co-funded Call is facilitated by three horizontal work packages:


Additional Activities are addressed in a dedicated Work Package for in-depth cooperation between partners:

  • Work Package 6 - Additional Activities on Strategy and Implementation

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