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Blue Bioeconomy Cofund

Joint Action Facts
Action period: December 2018 - February 2024
Funding: € 29,250,000
Strategic area:
  • Food security and safety driving innovation in a changing world
  • Use of marine biological resources through development and application of biotechnology
Type of action:
  • Joint call
  • Interacting with ERA-Nets and other activities
Lead countries:
  • Norway
External partners:
  • ERA-MarineBiotech
More Information
Secretariat Contact:

Ingeborg Korme (lead)

+ 32 (0) 465 00 01 20


The main objective of the Cofund is to establish a coordinated R&D funding scheme that will strengthen Europe’s position in the blue bioeconomy. The first co-funded call was launched in December 2018. The Cofund partners committed EUR 23,25 million, which will make up a maximum total budget of EUR 29,25 million including EUR 6 million co-funding from the European Commission. The first additional call was launched in June 2020 with  deadline for pre-proposals 14 September 2020. The first additional call focused on on supply systems in the blue bioeconomy: logistics and transportation – from harvest to processing.
BlueBio will address gaps such as: 
  • developing innovative uses of underutilised and waste material from fisheries and aquaculture to achieve zero waste; 
  • using biotechnology and ICT to develop smart, efficient, traceable food systems and create synergies between aquaculture and fisheries (genetic assessment and digitalisation); 
  • unlock the potential of microbiomes to support growth in aquaculture, fisheries, and food processing and biotechnology; apply the latest developments in ICT (IoT, machine learning, big data) to the Blue Bioeconomy; 
  • creating predictive tools to improve the identification and targeting of biodiversity “hot-spots” in the oceans (omics based technologies); 
  • exploring synergies with land-based production in areas such as food and feed production and processing, biorefining, bioenergy, biomaterials, chemicals and nutrients and maximise the use of aquatic bioresources in terrestrial value chains; 
  • improving aquaculture and wild harvesting of stocks by support for the creation of innovative feeds, improved brood stocks, by introducing new species, defining stock baselines, and assessing stocks and by encouraging the adoption of novel production technologies. 


The goal is to identify new and improve existing ways of bringing bio-based products and services to the market and find new ways of creating value from in the blue bioeconomy. Next to the co-funded call, the Cofund plans to contribute to the national priorities as well as to the strategic research agenda of JPI Oceans, and the ERA-NETs COFASP and MBT.


  • Better aligned current EU, regional and national initiatives with the goals of fostering the development of European Blue Bioeconomy strategies.
  • By significant member state commitment, achieve substantial new knowledge generation for unlocking the economic potential of aquatic biomass through establishment of new, integrated value chains.
  • Contributing to the European Commission’s objective in the Bioeconomy Strategy, under Horizon 2020, to generate about 130 000 jobs and € 45 billions in value added in the blue biotechnology sectors by 2025.


Aquatic biomass (both wild and cultured) from the seas and oceans, rivers and lakes has a large potential to ensure future food, feed and nutrition security. It is also recognised as a source of raw materials for use in value chains for high value, products and processes, such as pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, bioprocessing, chemicals, novel materials and cosmetics while factoring in environment and climate change risks. In many cases, the utilisation of aquatic bioresources can be more sustainable than terrestrial production methods. Developing a Blue Bioeconomy in Europe will create jobs, promote economic growth, and contribute to a more healthy and sustainable society. Advancements in Blue Bioeconomy research and innovation uptake will allow Europe to open new and diversified markets in food and bio-based products, while improve the management of its renewable biological resources.

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