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JPI Chairs release joint declaration at Lund revisited conference


JPI Chairs release joint declaration at Lund revisited conference

The Chairs of the ten Joint Programming Initiatives call on further alignment of national research activities and the international opening of JPI’s beyond Europe.

The declaration, presented by Patrick Monfray of JPI Climate, states that considerable progress has been accomplished during the first phase of the JPIs.  “However  there are still barriers to break down in order to improve the conditions for transnational research collaboration, to move towards more aligned research systems.” The JPI Chairs are further looking forward to develop European synergies for knowledge based solutions and policies, with the European Commission  beyond Research, Science & Innovation and with others European initiatives , as well as with European Council and Parliament. In the further internationalisation of JPI’s the Chairs  wish to ensure a better international coordination between JPIs, the bilateral cooperation of Member States, the European Commission and ERAC (GPC and SFIC). The statement is the first of its kind released by the ten Joint Programming Initiatives.
The Lund revisited conference is a follow up of the event which took place in 2009 and concluded that European research must focus on the Grand Challenges of our time. It is the first stocktaking of the progress made, through Member State initiatives and programming within the framework of the European Research Area and Horizon 2020, in order to address Societal Challenges and the role of frontier research. 
Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Director of the JPI Oceans secretariat, was a speaker at the conference presenting JPI Oceans as a showcase in the session on the alignment of national research and innovation agendas. In her presentation she explained the specific approach of JPI Oceans and the current process on the standardisation of microplastics sampling and detection in the European seas. She also responded to the call of an interministerial approach to solve Europe’s challenges by explaining the added value of the JPI in catalyzing the establishment of interministerial “Ocean” working groups at national level in e.g. Germany and France. 
The Lund Revisited Conference was closed with the announcement of the new Lund Declaration 2015. The declaration emphasises the urgency of increased efforts in alignment at national and European level and that investments in research and innovation better and more rapidly be exploited to the benefit of society. It identifies four priority areas and calls on all stakeholders to take these priorities into account in their field of responsibility. Firstly the declaration states that Europe needs clear political commitment to step-up efforts to align strategies, funding instruments, resources and actors at national and European level in order to address the grand societal challenges. This commitment needs to be underpinned by an excellent science base, world-class research infrastructures and a new generation of researchers with the right set of skills.  Europe further needs to connect with partners around the world, in advanced, emerging and developing countries to address the grand societal challenges in partnership and to attract the world’s best researchers and innovators and private sector investments. Lastly, greater impacts on the challenges have to be achieved through involvement of the public sector and industry in knowledge creation, with a stronger focus on open innovation and the role of end-users.

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