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Automatic Navigation Assistance System for Planing and Semi-planing Crafts.


Automatic Navigation Assistance System for Planing and Semi-planing Crafts.




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€ 2,400,000


Jun 2020 - Apr 2023

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Joint Call

Project Abstract

AutoPlan targets the improvement of design processes as well as the increase of efficiency and safety of planing vessels such as pilot and patrol boats, yachts and search & rescue boats. The project comprises extensive numerical and experimental investigations at both model and full scale, marking a milestone in the hydrodynamic investigation of planing vessels. Typical situations of instability, e.g. sudden loss of transverse stability and porpoising, will be mathematically modeled and thoroughly investigated.

In order to increase efficiency, automated hull form optimisations will be carried out, employing fully-parametric models and suitably extended numerical methods based on viscous flow computations. The numerical methods are going to be validated using dedicated model tests. In order to increase the safety, instabilities and manoeuvring characteristics are investigated both experimentally and numerically. The obtained data will be used to develop a mathematical model, which allows predicting dangerous situations in advance. These models will be implemented in an innovative support system, the intelligent navigational assistance (INA) system, which will also be developed during the project.

A full scale prototype of the resulting optimised design will be built by UZMAR, an experienced shipyard with a focus on series production. The prototype will be equipped with the INA system for thorough testing. It will also include additional measurement devices for thrust and pressure on the hull. The results from the full scale trials will be used to validate the numerical and experimental prediction methods for resistance, propulsion, manoeuvrability and stability developed within Autoplan.

The project aims at the development of an efficient and safe multipurpose planing monohull for the European ship industry. Increasing the safety and efficiency of planing crafts will allow the Turkish UZMAR shipyard to extend its product line with a highly competitive planing craft. At the current point, UZMAR – like most of the Turkish shipyards – is outsourcing the design process to external companies. However, to increase the competitiveness of UZMAR, they prefer to establish an in-house design process – a trend which is to be expected for other Turkish shipyards as well. For this purpose, the required tools, some of which will be developed in the scope of this project, will be integrated into the CAESES parametric modelling and optimisation tool of the Friendship Systems AG (FSYS). CAESES serves as a process integration and design optimisation platform (PIDO) and shall be utilized to combine key aspects of the design, supporting shipyards to ease the step towards a complete in-house design.

AutoPlan is funded by the MarTERA partners The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) and German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).





UZMAR GEMI INSA SANAYI VE TICARET, Large scale enterprise, Turkey

Offshore Engineering Solutions Inc., SME, Turkey


Technische Universität Berlin, University, Germany

SVA Potsdam, SME, Germany