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Enhanced Remote Operated Vehicle interface for Munition Studies


Enhanced Remote Operated Vehicle interface for Munition Studies




  • Ongoing



€ 2,200,000


Jul 2022 - Jul 2025

Type of action

Joint Call

Project Abstract

The project EROVMUS aims at creating an improved interface for ROV pilots to enable easier and more cost effective ROV deployments in missions related to dumped underwater munitions. This will include both creation of a multisensory platform and improved software solutions. The proposed activities are related to navigation improvement, introduction of autonomous identfication routines, as well as image enhancement technologies.

Information from multiple sensors will be overlaid to produce an equivalent of Heads Up Display (HUD) for the pilot, reducing the number of displays needed for effective operation. In addition, Virtual Reality (VR) solutions will be investigated to enable the use of virtual displays and combine images from multiple cameras to create a large virtual display for munition identification improvement.

The project will develop, test and optimize a range of tools as well as their interoperability with multiple models of existing ROVs. This will potentially create a range of products that could be deployed by ROV manufacturers. This project result has a potential for both state-of-the-art improvement, as well as creating new jobs and improve the competitiveness of the European underwater tech sector.



Prof Jacek Bełdowski, Instytut Oceanologii PAN, Poland



Instytut Oceanologii PAN, Poland

OceanTech, Poland

GeoEcoMar, Romania

DotOcean, Belgium

Clausthal University of Technology, CUTEC, Germany

Q.VITEC GmbH, Germany

Port Oostende, Belgium

Flanders Marine Institute, Belgium