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How we are organised

We are a platform of European countries for marine and maritime research and innovation. Our members are ministries and funding agencies that develop, fund and implement national research agendas.

Organisation structure of JPI Oceans

Management Board

The Management Board (MB), being the decision-making body of JPI Oceans, has the overall responsibility for the implementation of JPI Oceans and its management structure.

All member countries participating in JPI Oceans are represented in the Management Board (MB). The representatives from each country have sufficient authority to agree on joint action plans and potential funding initiatives across Europe.

AISBL General Assembly

JPI Oceans is incorporated as an international nonprofit association (AISBL) under the name "Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans", in accordance with the Belgian Act of 27 June 1921 on nonprofit associations. With the establishment of an international non-profit association under Belgian law (association internationale sans but lucratif or abbreviated AISBL) in 2018, JPI Oceans is able to deliver on its strategic mission and enter into new partnerships. 

The secretariat is based in Brussels and financed through members and partnership fees. This ensures a stable basis to play a long-term, independent strategic role in the European and international landscapes. 

Internal Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Management Board is supported by the Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) which provides assistance to the Management Board during the development and implementation of the JPI Oceans governance, plans, actions and activities.


Niall McDonough

Chair JPI Oceans

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Angelo Camerlenghi

Vice Chair JPI Oceans

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Benjamin Kürten

Vice Chair JPI Oceans

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Eivind Lorentzen

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Gilles Lericolais

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Fatima Abrantes

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Katarina Viik

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Maria Azzopardi

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Chair and Vice Chairs

The Chair of the Management Board is Dr. Niall McDonough,  Director of Policy Innovation and Research Support Services with the Irish Marine Institute. 

The Vice Chairs are Dr Angelo Camerlenghi, senior researcher at the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics (OGS), funded by Italian Ministry of University and Research the (MUR) and Dr Benjamin Kürten, Project Management Juelich (PTJ).


JPI Oceans has a permanent secretariat based in Brussels, with members either seconded from member organisations or directly associated with the secretariat. The secretariat is responsible for the day to day management of JPI Oceans. Thereby the secretariat assists the Management Board and the Internal Advisory Committee with the preparation of documents, reviews and reports. The secretariat ensures the necessary logistical coordination and communication among different governance bodies and other relevant bodies.