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Pier Francesco Moretti

Science-policy advisor

Pier Francesco Moretti is a physicist with two PhDs, more than 90 international publications, mainly in astrophysics, material sciences, and a patent. His skills in research were mainly focused in spectroscopy, image analysis and innovative technologies. He worked in USA, Austria, and Antarctica. He was involved in many international research projects and has been responsible of the Office for the International Activities of the CNR Department of Earth and Environment. He joined many European projects, Governmental Boards and EU Initiatives (JPI Oceans, Marine Board, Sherpa group for G7-Science), and was vice-chair of the Research Working Party of the EU Competitiveness Council during the Italian Presidency of the European Union. As permanent professor at nautical and technical institutes, he taught Physics. He worked at the CNR Liaison Office in Brussels, mainly involved in support to policy, coordination of national programmes and foresight activities for technological development. See also