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Traceability and Quality Monitoring throughout the Fish Value Chain.


Traceability and Quality Monitoring throughout the Fish Value Chain.




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Nov 2021 - Nov 2024

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Joint Call, ERA-NET Cofund

Project Abstract

TraceMyFish aims to advance supply system in three geographically distributed blue bioeconomy value chains, by designing and implementing a iFishManagementSystem that will allow the tracking and tracing of safety and quality-critical information across the links of the targeted value chains. Moreover, the TraceMyFish iFMS will establish a secure, trust-enabled data infrastructure, which will collect, pre-process and analyze data coming from innovative, portable sensing devices of different nature and modality (spectral imaging, variegating IoT sensors) and informing specialized AI models and architecture that will enable timely risk prediction to different value chain actors. The examined fish products will carry smart barcodes that, in communication with the iFMS, will carry safety information related to each product and will allow stakeholders and consumers to easily and reliably access this information at any time.

To realize its goals, TraceMyFish brings together highly experienced research and industrial partners, bringing their expertise in all different scientific and technical disciplines critical for the project: risk and quality assessment for fish products, food microbiology and nutritional analysis, development and testing of spectral devices, data management and processing, and machine learning and data science.

Furthermore, and in order to maximize the impact of the project and its results, TraceMyFish will devise and implement a comprehensive plan comprising a wide variety of dissemination, communication and Human Capacity Building activities. These will allow the focused and organized outreach to stakeholders and the general public, strengthening their understanding on the importance of fish safety and showcasing the means to ensure it. Additionally, they will strongly infoorm and steer the TraceMyFish business plan, which will set the framework for exploiting and commercializing the TraceMyFish iFMS and its core components.



Dr Panagiotis Zervas, SCiO


Prof George-John Nychas,

Prof Jørgen Lerfall,

Dr Nette Schultz,

Prof Maria Guðjónsdóttir,

Dr Hildur Inga Sveinsdóttir