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JPI Oceans Toolkit

The JPI Oceans Toolkit aims at supporting the planning and implementation of joint actions, which is an important activity of JPI Oceans to address societal challenges. Complex systems in terms of topics, participants and types of actions can be adopted depending on the specific objectives. For this reason, most JPI Oceans’ actions will be planned and prepared on a case-by-case basis, allowing for variable geometry and promoting an inclusive and integrated approach to reach the ten objectives defined in the vision document of JPI Oceans. The JPI Oceans Toolkit can be used to aid decisions on the design, selection and management of joint actions.

This information has been compiled during the course of the CSA Oceans (2013-2015), built on past experiences at national and European level. The information should provide the experts/staff a base for building the most appropriate fit-to purpose solution for specific objectives. The level of information provided is intended for those already aware of the multiple instruments available, as a guide explaining their differences and possible applications.

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