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AMRIT project kick-off at JPI Oceans Secretariat

The Advance Marine Research Infrastructures Together (AMRIT) initiative commenced its journey with a vibrant kick-off event hosted by the JPI Oceans Secretariat in Brussels.

AMRIT project kick-off at JPI Oceans Secretariat

  • 25 April 2024

With active participation from a consortium of 26 partners dedicated to enhancing ocean research infrastructures, comprehensive discussions were conducted, delving into crucial aspects such as project management, dissemination strategies, and ocean observing and monitoring. 

For JPI Oceans, in its capacity as chair of the Resource Forum of the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS), the key expected outcome of AMRIT is the implementation of an EOOS Technical Support Centre (TSC), with the potential to put EOOS on a more sustained footing. In the consortium, JPI Oceans is mainly focusing on addressing how an EOOS TSC can be sustained by its member states.   

AMRIT, spanning a duration of 48 months and spearheaded by ARMINES/ENSTA Paris, aims to realise several key objectives: 

  • Ensuring the seamless operation of marine observation platforms. 
  • Facilitating the full nominal use of sensors and expediting their evolution. 
  • Leveraging the complementarity of various observation platforms. 
  • Ensuring the overall coherence of the ocean data value chain. 

With a focus on streamlining European marine research infrastructures, AMRIT builds on competencies of the Metrology for Integrated Marine Management and Knowledge-Transfer Network (MINKE) and promises to pave the way for achieving coordinated research infrastructure capacity among countries and regions in Europe.