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JPI Oceans beyond 2020: draft strategy framework & stakeholder feedback survey

The survey is a crucial element to engage the wider community in the development of the new strategy framework of JPI Oceans.

JPI Oceans beyond 2020: draft strategy framework & stakeholder feedback survey

  • 17 August 2020

The beginning of the new decade also marks the beginning of a new phase for JPI Oceans, starting with the revision of the JPI Oceans strategy framework.

Draft Strategy Framework

The new framework builds upon the existing design, vision and scope of JPI Oceans, adopting a new lens shaped by and responding to the external international developments that emerged since the adoption of the SRIA 2015-2020. To make the revision process thorough and inclusive, the draft Strategy Framework is being published online on Monday 17 August 2020. To consult the draft, see below.   

Feedback Survey

We invite you to share feedback, insights, reflections and experiences that could help JPI Oceans further shape the new strategic framework, by participating in the JPI Oceans Beyond 2020: Stakeholder Feedback Survey. The survey is open and accessible until Monday 21 September 2020.  

The 22 survey questions, some of which can be answered with just one click, relate to specific chapters of the strategy document. Most questions are aimed towards the improvement of the three priority areas outlined in the draft. You are encouraged to refer closely to the draft while providing your feedback: all survey questions are also indicated in yellow boxes under the relevant chapters of the draft for easy reference. None of the content-related questions are mandatory to fill in, but of course we encourage you to share your feedback wherever you feel inspired. 


The feedback received through the survey will be analysed and consolidated by the JPI Oceans secretariat. The analysis, alongside input from parallel national consultations, will be brought forward in a revised version of the Strategy Framework that will be tabled for adoption by the JPI Oceans Management Board in November 2020.


To provide you with a compact overview of the state of play, the draft strategy framework was presented live at the JPI Oceans Beyond 2020: Stakeholder Webinar on 24 August 2020, hosted via Zoom. Watch the highlights from the webinar here:

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