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Turning the final page on a JPI Oceans bestseller: celebrating ten years of success as the Microplastics Joint Action concludes

  • 27 May 2024

The Microplastics Joint Action was one of the first thematic activities of JPI Oceans. It became a poster child of the power of collaboration among European countries, and it is now getting a happy ending. After a decade of groundbreaking research and agenda setting, the Management Board of JPI Oceans has decided at its meeting in April 2024 to conclude the Joint Action ‘Ecological Aspects of Microplastics’ on its peak of achievement.

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Small particles, big concerns – discussing microplastics at European Parliament 

  • 12 December 2023

On 6 December, JPI Oceans and the European Parliament Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development” organised the hybrid event "Small particles, big concerns: Marine microplastics revisited" at the European Parliament, co-hosted by MEP Catherine Chabaud and MEP Maria Spyraki. The event seeked to facilitate a robust discussion on the latest research findings related to the sources, distribution, and impacts of microplastics.

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The six JPI Oceans microplastics projects share their results at their concluding joint meeting

  • 25 September 2023

The final meeting of JPI Oceans Joint Action on “Ecological Aspects of Microplastics” was held in Galway on 14 and 15 September, 2023.

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A marine science 'pas de deux': two JPI Oceans projects collaborate on microplastics sampling

  • 08 October 2021

The JPI Oceans projects RESPONSE and FACTS are collaborating on techniques to identify the abundance and composition of microplastics and their associated pollutants in coastal waters.

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Six JPI Oceans microplastics research projects summarized in new booklet

  • 04 August 2020

The projects are conducting research on the sources of microplastics, the methods for identifying smaller micro- and (nano-) plastics and monitoring their circulation in marine systems, and their effects thereon.

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Six new JPI Oceans microplastics research projects launched and off to a good start

  • 05 June 2020

On 20 May 2020, with over 140 attendees, JPI Oceans hosted the official kickoff webinar for the projects Andromeda, HOTMIC, FACTS, i-plastic, microplastiX and RESPONSE.

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One additional research project on microplastics awarded funding by JPI Oceans partners

  • 09 April 2020

RESPONSE, a research project focusing on the fate and biological effects of microplastics and nanoplastics in marine ecosystems, is the sixth project proposal to be awarded funding under the joint call on microplastics in the marine environment.

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Strong response to joint call on microplastics in the marine environment

  • 06 March 2019

By close of call end of February, 38 project proposals were submitted requesting €42 Million.

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