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From sustainable resources to novel marine nutraceuticals for the management of metabolic syndrome.


From sustainable resources to novel marine nutraceuticals for the management of metabolic syndrome.




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€ 1,601,817


Sep 2020 - May 2024

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Joint Call


The SuReMetS project will develop novel marine ingredients from various resources such as underutilized material from fisheries and micro and macroalgae (seaweed) targeting the management of metabolic syndrome (MetS). To achieve this; novel enzymes to better process the material and access the valuable ingredients will be investigated in parallel. The potential beneficial human health effects of marine nutraceuticals are well established, and in particular, consumption of marine ingredients can help prevent MetS. The chronic and complex nature of MetS, makes it challenging to employ a single drug for long-term medication, hence the development of marine nutraceuticals can represent a safer and a better long-term option.

The project will involve transdisciplinary approaches combining basic biosciences, public health efforts including education and industry, to provide a better balance between how the research community and industry can develop new biomarine products meeting the needs and expectations from end-users as well as the community.

SuReMetS is an innovative marine biotechnology project applying state-of-the-art methods and development of new technologies, combining research with high potential for commercialization of marine resources.

Project coordinator


Jeanette H. Andersen, UiT-The Arctic University of Norway, Biosciences, Fisheries and economics, Norway


  • Prof. Alan Dobson, University College Cork, School of Microbiology, Ireland
  • Prof. Dick FitzGerald, University of Limerick, Biological Sciences, Ireland
  • Mr. Jason Whooley, Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland Ltd Research and Development Unit-9, Lough Egish Food Park, Ireland
  • Prof. Wolfgang Streit, University of Hamburg, Microbiology & Biotechnology, Hamburg, Germany
  • Dr. Sebastian Lippemeier, BlueBioTech GmbH, Hafentörn 3, 25761 Büsum, Germany
  • Mr. Jaran Rauoe, Marealis Innovation AS, Tromso, Norway