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Blue Bioeconomy Joint Call

The joint call on the Blue Bioeconomy is supported by 16 countries with a total budget of 29.25 million EUR. The call is open for pre-proposals.


The joint call on the Blue Bioeconomy is supported by 16 countries with a total budget of 29.25 million EUR. The call is open for pre-proposals.




  • Pre-announced
  • Launched
  • Open for submission of pre-proposals
  • Evaluation pre-proposals
  • Open for submission of full proposals
  • Evaluation full proposals
  • Project selection
  • Concluded



€ 29,250,000


Dec 2018 - Mar 2019

Type of action

Joint Call

Lead country


Participating countries

Blue Bioeconomy Joint Call

In general projects should explore innovative, yet sustainable and climate-friendly utilisation of aquatic biomass at different trophic levels, as well as sustainable harvesting, and novel aquaculture production systems targeting a range of existing or new markets, products (food, feed, chemistry, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, etc. applying a food first principle). The aim is to create, test, upscale and bring to the market new knowledge-intensive products and services derived from a diversity of aquatic biomass. The aquatic biomass in question may have either marine or freshwater origin. Projects may also seek synergies with land-based production. Projects should describe which part of the value chain being focused and give an indication of the technology readiness level (TRL) before and after the project. For projects that only focus on part of the value chain, impact and consequences of new methods or products should be considered in a wider value chain perspective.

The proposals should seek to be complementary with or adding to other projects funded under FP7 and Horizon 2020, ERA-NETs, BBI JU or other funding schemes, both ongoing and recently finished. They should reflect awareness of the objectives of running projects in relevant fields to avoid overlap. Proposed projects must demonstrate industry involvement.

Priority areas
  • Priority area 1: Exploring new bio-resources
  • Priority area 2: Exploring improvements in fisheries and aquaculture
  • Priority area 3: Exploring synergies across sectors
  • Priority area 4: Exploring Biotechnology and ICT
Who can apply?

The following partner countries will provide funds to the call: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden.

Applicants should be aware that in some countries different funding organisations participate in the call with different administrative rules. Therefore, applicants are strongly advised to consider National Regulations published in Annex 5 of the call text document. Applicants (coordinators and partners) should contact the national or regional funding bodies prior to submission of the pre-proposal for further information. 

Brokerage event

A brokerage event for applicants will take place in Lysaker, Norway, 30 January 2019. During this event, participants will be informed about the co-funded call and will have the chance to find potential partners through several matchmaking sessions. A webinar will be held during the brokerage event where participants will be able to ask questions during this session via an online platform.

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Date - Event

17 Dec 2018 - Open Call for pre-proposals

30 Jan 2019 - Brokerage Event

17 March 2019 - Closing date for pre-proposals

May 2019 - Evaluation (peer review)/ Selection

June 2019 - Invitation for submission of full proposals

17 Sep 2019 - Closing date for full proposals

Dec 2019 - Evaluation (peer review)/ Selection

Jan-May 2020 - Negotiation and start of the projects

TBA - Kick-off meeting


The ERA-NET COFUND on the Blue Bioeconomy - Unlocking the Potential of Aquatic Bioresources (BlueBio) is designed to support public-public partnerships between Member States and associated countries for the implementation and coordination of networking activities. BlueBio launches calls for proposals in accordance with the JPI Oceans Operational Plan and tackles common priorities as described by the ERA-NET.

For detailed information on background, scope, priority areas, deadlines, criteria and more, please visit the BlueBio COFUND website,