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Satellite events at UN Ocean Decade conference 

9-12 April 2024, Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB)

Satellite events at UN Ocean Decade conference 

  • 09 Apr 2024 12:00 - 12 Apr 2024 17:00
Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB)

The conference will feature over 50 on-site satellite events at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) on 10-12 April during breakfast, lunch and evening slots. They will be open to all conference participants. These events aim to supplement the main programme by providing additional forums for discussion, networking and knowledge sharing. Participants can expect engaging activities, workshops, panel discussions and presentations that focus on specific themes related to the conference’s overarching goal of promoting sustainable ocean management and protection. The on-site satellite events aim to create a dynamic and inclusive environment for attendees to deepen their understanding, collaborate and contribute to the goals of the Ocean Decade.

Coastal futures: Charting priorities for coastal resilience

Building on the strategic objectives of the Decade Collaborative Centre for Coastal Resilience, this event will feature coastal community stories and recent insights, including the release of the European Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise’s first assessment report and Sea’ties’ policy recommendations for coastal cities’ adaptation to sea level rise. The public launch of CoastPredict's GlobalCoast initiative will showcase an ambitious collaboration between Pilot Site, private and Programme partners to establish an integrated coastal ocean observing and predicting system, accelerated by innovative computing capacity. Audience input is central to this event to identify priorities for communities and equitable coastal resilience.

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Blue Carbon Dialogue: Accelerating blue carbon-driven restoration and conservation actions

The event will center around the newly launched JPI Oceans Knowledge Hub on Blue Carbon, the aim of which is to minimize uncertainties, exchange knowledge and create management tools to enhance the advantages of blue carbon (BC). This Satellite Event will enable a dialogue to explore how BC-driven restoration and conservation actions can be accelerated. This will include sharing progress made in addressing knowledge gaps and evaluating the effectiveness of coastal blue carbon ecosystems as carbon sinks worldwide. Another objective is to meet representatives from relevant BC projects and initiatives to build a BC network, discuss the use of BC technologies and share knowledge on the current state-of-the-art.

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Listen to the Ocean

This exhibit explores the role of soundscapes in the study of the ocean. Participants will be immersed in a sensory experience of naturally-recorded ocean acoustic environments using audio and visual media. By blending science and art together we will demonstrate and communicate how we all have a role in the ocean’s soundscape. Through the interactive nature of the event, participants will be prompted to think of innovative ways to integrate sounds into their everyday life, work, and efforts. Participants will be invited to a follow-up virtual event that will explore further current scientific knowledge, gaps, and policy surrounding underwater acoustics.

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A dialogue between stakeholders of the ocean observation community identifying common priorities and challenges to respond to global objectives 2030

“A dialogue between stakeholders of the ocean observation community identifying common priorities and challenges to respond to global objectives 2030″ event organised by the MINKE project will take place at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona, located in the heart of Barcelona. Scheduled for April 8th at 4 PM, this event brings together experts, researchers, and stakeholders to focus on enhancing the quality and accessibility of oceanographic data. The event is designed to address the shared challenges and priorities of the ocean observation community and aim to achieve the ambitious global objectives set for 2030. It will spotlight the importance of data accessibility, accuracy, and interoperability across the various facets of oceanographic research and observation. Discussions will range from the intricacies of research infrastructure to the technological advancements in oceanographic vessels, emphasizing the critical role of data in advancing ocean science and management.

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