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Thorsten Kiefer

Executive Director JPI Oceans

Thorsten is the Executive Director of JPI Oceans. As such he is the main contact for JPI Oceans' members and wider connections, heads the JPI Oceans secretariat in Brussels, and oversees the implementation of the Management Board's strategic decisions. Formal roles in ongoing activities include the chairing of the Resource Forum of the European Resource Forum (EOOS) and of the Governing Council of the Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise.

Before joining JPI Oceans in 2019, Thorsten was director of the Future Earth Global Hub in Paris, a global network of researchers and innovators in support of sustainability in environmental and societal sectors. Going back further, Thorsten was Executive Director of the Past Global Changes programme PAGES, faciliting global research and synthesis of environmental changes that pre-date systematic observations by using archives such as fossil corals, tree rings, sediments or ice cores.

Thorsten's roots are in research in the field of paleoceanography. At the Universities of Kiel, Germany and Cambridge, UK, he analysed deep-sea sediments to study the substantial oceanographic and climatic changes that took place over the past thousands to ten-thousands of years. In that capacity he was editor and co-chief editor of the open access journal Climate of the Past for about 10 years.

Thorsten has (co-)authored 38 peer-reviewed publications and guest-edited 7 special journal issues, among them the favourites listed below:

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