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Revision of JPI Oceans Draft Strategy kicks off with webinar

  • 25 August 2020

On 24 August 2020, JPI Oceans held the Beyond 2020 Stakeholder Webinar, aiming to further include stakeholders in a holistic and participatory revision process of the JPI Oceans Strategic Framework.

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JPI Oceans beyond 2020: draft strategy framework & stakeholder feedback survey

  • 17 August 2020

The survey is a crucial element to engage the wider community in the development of the new strategy framework of JPI Oceans.

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Six JPI Oceans microplastics research projects summarized in new booklet

  • 04 August 2020

The projects are conducting research on the sources of microplastics, the methods for identifying smaller micro- and (nano-) plastics and monitoring their circulation in marine systems, and their effects thereon.

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The MarTERA Cofund completes its selection of pre-proposals

  • 27 July 2020

Twenty-three pre-proposals with a total requested funding of 24.2 million Euro have been selected to hand in a full proposal.

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MiningImpact presents results at Belgian Parliament hearing

  • 07 July 2020

Alongside experts from around the globe, Dr Matthias Haeckel, coordinator of the JPI Oceans project on the ecological aspects of deep-sea mining, gave an overview of the latest findings.

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The Blue Bioeconomy Cofund opens a new call for pre-proposals

  • 08 June 2020

The call with a budget of 11 million Euro is targeted specifically on supply systems in the blue bioeconomy: logistics and transportation - from harvest to processing.

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Strong interest for the Aquatic Pollutants joint transnational call

  • 05 June 2020

184 pre-proposals involving 1065 partners were submitted by closing date, totalling a sum of 179.5 M€ in requested funding.

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Six new JPI Oceans microplastics research projects launched and off to a good start

  • 05 June 2020

On 20 May 2020, with over 140 attendees, JPI Oceans hosted the official kickoff webinar for the projects Andromeda, HOTMIC, FACTS, i-plastic, microplastiX and RESPONSE.

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Key results JPI Oceans microplastics projects 2016-2019

  • 04 May 2020

What are microplastics and how do they interact with the marine environment and its inhabitants? An answer to these questions and many more can be found in a new publication highlighting the important role of four recent microplastics research projects funded under the framework of JPI Oceans.

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JPI Oceans workshop on underwater noise in the marine environment

  • 15 April 2020

Under the umbrella of JPI Oceans more than 20 experts nominated from 9 countries and international organisations met at the National Research Council headquarters in Rome, Italy from 13-14 January 2020 to discuss the outlines of a potential JPI Oceans action on marine noise.

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